Sperm collection by electro-ejaculator

Semen collection by electro-ejaculat(or)ion

   Sperm sampling in untrained rams (e.g. semen quality control of the ram before breeding), can be performed by an electro-ejaculator. Electro-ejaculator is an electrical stimulator with bipolar rectal electrodes that produces an output current of 10-15 volts. Ram can be held in a standing or lateral position, the sigmoid curve is corrected, the penis is extended and the penis head is grasped and gauze held. The rectal probe is lubricated and inserted into the rectum to a depth of 15 - 20 cm, taking care to avoid injury.
Electro-ejaculator (top picture) and thick, abundant ejaculate obtained by electro-ejaculation (bottom left) and poor water-ejaculate (right below; photo A. Milovanović)
The rectal probe is placed toward the base of the pelvis and brief stimulations are administered at intervals of 4-5 seconds. By electrostimulation, the semen is collected in a sterile tube or zipp bags. Semen can be used for AI. Procedure is not harmful for further ram reproduction.