Semen production

Semen freezing 


The "RAM GEN" center freezes only good quality semen. Semen dilutions are made at a temperature of 30°C immediately after collection with standard commercial extenders containing cryoprotectant (Optidil, OptiXcell or Andromed). Best semen quality are diluted 1 + 10 times or more. Semen doses are packed with minimal 50 milions spz for laparoscopic insemination, thus having at least 20 million live sperm cells. We prefer 0,5 ml doses. Diluted semen is cooled in a refrigerator at 4-8° C for a period of 1½ - 4 hours.

For proper records keepeng, straws are identifyed with ram name (ID), race, date of freezing and name of our company. It is necessary to assess the seemen quality after freezing - for this purpose one strow from each batch is thowed immediately after freezing and agaim, before sending to commercial use. A microscope with contrast phase and heating plate are necessary to asses total and progressive motility. At least 40% are neessary to keep semen in liquid nitrogen tank for further use. 

For cervical and vaginal insemination it is necessary to prepare doses at least with 150 to 200 million sperm cells. Regardless of this increase in the number of spermatozoa up to ten times, we can expected to have 20 - 40% of lower conception rate with this techniques comapred to laparoscopic insemination.


Planer Automatic Semen Freezer (United Kingdom)



Advantages of frozen semen

There are several advantages of using a frozen semen. With one ram a several hundred sheep can be inseminated in short time. Several co-owner of an expensive ram can fully exploit genetic potential of elite rams. Frozen sperm is a guarantee for permanent preservation of genetic material. Genetic improvement is an important, if not crucial way to accelerate the productivity of sheep. Rams are with proven semen quality. Frozen semen can be distributed throughout the country to many breeders. It is more worth to buy several top rams semen that to invest money in one expensive ram. AI program can be freely planned, because high-quality, tested frozen semen are available, and easy can be transport to distant relations. Breeders, owners of semen know exactly how many doses of semen are left for them for their disposal.