Semen processing

Semen handling and semen quality testing


Rams semen is very sensitive to the impact of the external environment, especially to the cold. All tubes for the collection and handling must be clean, sterile, dry, and heated (wather bath is also heated at least to 30° C). The jumping space must be clean, protected from the sun, wind, dust and insects. Immediately after semen collection, sperm tube is placed in a water bath. For each sample of sperm is recorded:

1) Volume: it is estimated with graduated test tube (sperm collecting tube). Sperm volume ranges from 0.3 ml to 2 ml, an average of about 1 ml. The variations are in each individual ram (testicular size, age of the ram, frequency of collection, diet, housing conditions and health conditions of the ram).

2) Density is an indication of sperm concentration. It can be roughly scored: The thick creamy: score 5.0 (4-6 bilions) and a score of 4.0 (3.5-4.5 bilions) Pale cream: score 3.0 (2.5-3.5 bilions) and a score of 2.0 (1-2.5 bilions) the aqueous white: score 1 (0.4-1.0 bilions).

"RAM GEN" use spectrophotometer for concentrate determination.

Color of semen is white to pale creamy color. Goat semen is white to yellow. The presence of blood gives a pink color, while the contamination or infection gives a gray or brown tint.

3) The activity of semen and motility: Evaluation of mobility is the simplest test for fresh, undiluted sperm. Good mobility can be seen in sperm collection tube with the naked eye. Under the microscope it is used scoring system from 0 - 5 and in this way to assess each undiluted sample.

Progressive motility, the percentage of living and dead spermatozoa as well as the evaluation of sperm morphology is examined with high-quality microscope equipped with a hot plate and parts with phase contrast microscopy. A drop of 10 microliters is placed on the microscope slide and covered with the glass cover.

4) Further sperm tests: On the stained smears are examined morphology and the presence of infection in the semen.

5) For a more detailed analysis of the services you use Scientific Veterinary Institute "Novi Sad" from Novi Sad (CASA, flow cytometry (live-death relation; SCSA test) and cyto-morphology examination). 


LAI with fresh semen 

For fresh semen dilution we use same extenders as for frozen semen. Fresh semen is cooled at 5°C in refrigerator or is immediatelly transported on a room temperature gell pack that is covered with another-frozen gell pack and kept in foam boxes or in small electronic freezers operating at 12 V. Viability and fertilizing ability of semen takes longer if the storage temperature is lower. Straws with semen should be well protected against direct contact with ice.

Semen quality:

"RAM GEN" breeding center is responsible to produce good quality semen as a fresh or after freezing. If the semen is purchased for third parth, imported or stored privately, the first is to make semen qualityvcontrol, before we use it for insemination.