Holland Texel

Dutch Texel ram at "RAM GEN" center: NL 00259 3333

(breeder: Herman AA, Drempts,Netherlands)


Excellent combination of 3/4 Dutch genetics (pronounced muscularity) and 1/4 British Texel (larger frame and gain). Lambs immediately differ in size. There are no major lambing problems despite being overweight. Extremely mild temperament, excellent in intensive fattening and grazing. A real recommendation for improving the fattening traits of domestic sheep.

 Pedigree information:
Breeding goals
* On average, an adult sheep should give birth to 2 lambs per litter;
* Rapid growth of lambs;
* Preservation of maternal qualities;
* Optimization of carcass quality. Over the last few years, Dutch sheep farms have focused not only on improving meat but also on its growth, fertility and functionality. The development of fertility and growth indexes has been a valuable contribution to this. This resulted in larger, longer sheep that could easily carry and give birth to 2 lambs.