Price list for AI and ET


The policy of the Center is that prices stimulate farmers to organize as many inseminations in one day as possible. So-called "
hobby farmers" who like to inseminate a small number of sheep (less than 10) are discouraged.

The price list provides farmers with significant discounts through active association, where, for example, 2 - 3 neighboring farms, associations, or municipalities appear as users of services, all with the aim of rational use of available resources, people, time and better exchange of experience.

Considering that we are one of the few centers in Europe, certainly the only one within 300 km, we ask for suggestions on the acceptability of the offered prices in the first year of operation of the Center. In case of realization of projects, the establishment of partnerships, co-financing of our future plans that would somehow facilitate the functioning of the center, the prices could be adjusted and become more favorable for the end-user (farmers). Currently, these prices are the basis for quality, responsible and professional work, which will enable the expansion of the genetic base with new imports, new breeds, and provide satisfaction to the farmer with obtained results. 


Prices for insemination of sheep and goats

Given the difficult supply of Foligon as currently the only available PMSG hormone, its top price in the last 10 years (similar is with progesterone sponges), the price of the complete insemination program is currently fixed at € 20 per synchronized and inseminated sheep (for more than 20 heads) and for farms located not further than 50 km from the "RAM GEN" center (Futog / Novi Sad).

For a smaller number of heads, trip costs have to be included (3 arrivals at the farm-application of the sponge, extraction of the sponge with the application of Foligon and 3rd arrival for the sheep insemination process), as well as for farms that are more than 50 km away. The insemination of more sheep (over 50 sheep) provides a discount. 

For insemination in foreign countries, ATA carnet and other additional costs must be considered.

Costs of embryo production and transplantation (embryo transfer)

The cost of the whole process of embryo production and transplantation from your donor sheep is € 500 per donor. This includes all the costs of hormonal preparation for donor and recipient sheep, insemination, arrival and surgical procedure for flushing and transplanting embryos.
It is expected that about 6 lambs will be obtained from this procedure, which would amount to about 100 euros per lamb.

The minimum number of sheep for this procedure is 3 donor sheep, for which 15 to 20 recipient sheep should be prepared to receive the embryo (donor to recipient ratio 1: 6). A 10% discount is provided in the case of the preparation of 7 or more donor sheep.

If you buy embryos from our sheep (imported sheep of the Ile de France breed, Suffolk, inseminated with imported rams), the price of a successfully transplanted embryo is 200 euros. A claim of at least 5 embryos is required.

For more information on the cost of embryo transfers, freezing seeds from your rams, storing them, importing them, freezing embryos, controlling the fertility of rams, controlling shimmer, etc., see our price list or contact the center.