Body condition score

BCS-Body condition scoring

BCS and feeding sheep remains the most important factor in reproduction. A positive aspect is obtained by flasing (increased feeding) and weight gain from 3 - 4 weeks prior to the AI. This increases the rate of ovulation and gets a better rate of conception.

Despite the good grazing and voluminous diet, sheep need to get extra nutrition in the form of a minerals or a balanced concentrate. Poor feeding is not good. Find the right balance of protein, energy, essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Consult a specialist if necessary or if you have failed to achieve satisfactory fertility results with your work so far. We can provide you services respecting feedings with our feedeing sfpecialsits. 

It is important that the sheep do not suffer hunger. Low physical condition in the last 6 months prior to the AI afect results at AI. Egg development takes about 6 months. Intensive feeding during the 6 weeks before AI will not correct the problem if sheep were suffering with hungry. Sheep that reach optimal BCS before insemination, must maintained such condition and should not be allowed to drop their BSC before AI.

Flushing has low effect if sheep already are in optimal condition. Good farmer knows his flock and see how they react to increased consumption. Modern farmers need to know the BSC system of physical fitness of their sheep.

An unbalanced diet can cause problems at any stage of reproduction. Use nutrition specialist advices to ensure a balanced ratio of nutrients. Here are the biggest savings. Constant use balanced mineral licks is part of good practice, yet we are more confident in the use of full mineral - vitamin mixtures added to the meal or TMR.


Recommendations body condition score for different productive periods and precise scoring system is on ling below: