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     In a time of general devastation of agriculture, the collapse of sheep production and rapid disappearance of villages in most Balkan countries, "RAM GEN" as a Center for the reproduction of small ruminants will strive to offer a new perspective to farmers who are addicted to intensive and modern production through sheep/goat laparoscopic artificial insemination (LAI) and embryo transfer (ET). At the same time, the use of this technology implies a higher level of breeding habits than traditional ones. RAM GEN will provide it through time-planned preparation. This is mandatory to make ET and LAI technology useful and justified as novelty for most of our breeders.

     We will try to survive as a breeding center in the area of ​​these two economically subordinated species (sheep and goats) as long as possible, driven by enthusiasm, in full service, with quality work, to reach mutual satisfaction.

     We believe that small ruminants (sheep and goats), with recent genetic advancement, compete with their productive traits to cows in the form of cost-effectiveness and the ability to use rough cabbage, a cheaper initial investment in establishing a farm, easier manipulation, environmental-friendly animal species, adapted to rural and scarce condition. There are sheep and goat breeds that have higher productivity comparing body weight to cows (top milking sheep Asaff and Lakon, in goats Saanen and Alpine), while retaining the characteristics of high fertility, the birth of several offsprings. Numerous other advantages in terms of meat and milk quality, wool, and organic manure are well known to our farmers. These are all arguments that give us hope that small ruminants, farmers, and related services (including RAM GEN) leaning on this branch will "survive" the general globalization and industrialization.


The main purpose of our work and the information provided by this site are as follow:

     Step in the world of advanced sheep reproduction, skip decades and accelerate genetic progress; be witness, active participants, and users of 21st-century techniques.

     Find out about the breeds and semen available in "RAMGEN" Center and how to improve production in small ruminants. Choose the breed that suits your breeding conditions, opportunities and ambitions (meat, milk-meat, milk). We could provide fresh or frozen semen of excellent viability, high genetic quality, from health tested and certified animals. 

     "RAM GEN" has 15 years of experience in sheep reproduction. The main activity is semen production and laparoscopic artificial insemination (LAI). Up to now, more than 350 farms have used our service in 6 different countries.  
      The capacity of our team is LAI of 200-350 sheep per day. Expected fertility is from 60-90%, depending on animal preparation, semen quality of ram (fresh/frozen semen, if used from farm rams with unproven semen-not produced in our center, season, etc.). Some farms have no rams available, relying on our service with the main idea - to increase genetic quality, to have more lambs after hormone synchronization and planned (season and non-season) lambing. Regular sheep scanning is provided after 1-2 months of each group.
      We have experience with 6 different breeds (Ile de Fance, British and Dutch Texel, Merinolandschaf-Würtemberg, British milk sheep, Suffolk and Charollaris), but, all other available breeds can be considered for semen production (Racka sheep, Tzigai, Sjenicka strain of Pramenka breed, Romanov-import form the Czech Republic, MIS sheep, Bergamo, Lacaune, Assafe), as well as from Alpino, Sannen and Murciana Granadina bucks as we have contact with breeders in Serbia or close surrounding.
     RAM GEN can help you to enhance your farm knowledge, utilize the genetics of established breeds. We manage farms from 20-1000 sheep. Make the most of your sheep and enjoy the farm work.

     The main advantages of AI (artificial insemination) are genetic progress, prevention of the spread of disease, fewer rams are needed on the farm (investment in the purchase of rams and their nutrition is reduced). By saving money in this direction, direct into genetic progress. Embryo transfer is a faster method.

     Using a sheep synchronization program, your farm needs and priorities are defined and adjusted with your free time. Lambing, lamb raising and selling is planned. The number of lambs should be increased by at least 20% after synchronization of the sheep cycle, compared to natural breeding (spontaneous cycles).

     Suggest the breeds that are interesting to you, we will help you to reach them in the most efficient way (import of live animals, semen, embryos).

     Let us know about high-ranking rams and take the most from it: by selling semen instead of selling or exchanging rams. Be the owner of the semen (rams) that is preserved in our center and sold worldwide.

     We can organize embryo donor donors in Matijevac (Vladimirci Municipality, Macvanski District, Serbia) for the production of embryos and transfer to your farm. This unit is ideal for those farmers who do not have time or experience to implement a superovulation program. Otherway, the best option is to have your animals for ET at your farm.

     It is possible to produce semen from your rams on your farm, to use it directly (fresh semen) or later (after freezing). Also, individual rams from another farm can be produced instead of ram purchase or it transport for a large number of sheep for AI per day, season...

     Use vasectomized rams to improve artificial insemination results - AI (rams for detecting sheep in estrus).

     We can organize insemination courses for small ruminants, especially for goats. This saves money for hormone preparation, third-party services...

For all other questions, please call us (+381 63 236 260) or send a request to our e-mail address:
 Moving from a hobby breeder to a professional farmer

     Other Services provided by "RAM GEN":
- ultrasound diagnostics of pregnancy;
- breeding soundness control of bucks/rams;
- imports of sheep and goat semen and embryos;
- organization, advice, and assistance in selecting an animal importing from abroad (contacts in France, England, Netherlands, Italy, Croatia). So far, we have participated, directly or indirectly, in 15 imports (Ile-de-France, Suffolk, Texel, Charolais, British Sheep, Wurttemberg, Sanen and Alpino goats);
- Tips on starting and organizing farm production (50-2,000 head);
- assistance with the introduction of record-keeping software;
- preparation of vaccination and de-worming programs;
- advice on the construction of sheep barns;
- production of standard feeders adapted to the conditions of accommodation;
- basics approach for forage preparation and sowing structure;
- establishment of organic food production without the use of pesticides and insecticides;
- bringing together elite farmers to organize insights into the quality and exchange of breeding material, as well as to organize future joint exports;
- lectures, presentations and training for associations, assistance in organizing production...