Communication between Farmer and Breeding center:


• Program:

Once the date and number of sheep for insemination have been determined, a complete work program will be forwarded to the farmer's e-mail. If there is a change in the number of sheep preparing for insemination or embryo transfer, if the breeder cancels the scheduled number of sheep, if the complete program is canceled for some reason, the farmer is obliged to notify the Center immediately.


• Synchronization, hormones and semen:

The exact number of sponges and dose of PMSG must be ordered in advance. You can use the services of the Center in the procurement/administration of hormones. It is necessary to specify the number of semen doses/number of sheep to be inseminated. If the intention is to use 100 semen doses, it may be recommended to put a sponge in 105 sheep, to compensate the number for those sheep that will occasionally lose the sponge or for sheep that will get ill or dye before insemination.

You should get in touch with AI Center for any questions or changes to the plan.


• Results:

If the pregnancy check is done by ultrasound or you wait until lambing, we would ask you to inform “RAM GEN” for AI and ET results.

You can send your inquiries to the following e-mail:

For English speaking persons, please call Aleksandar on: +381 63 236-260 (Viber, messenger, whats-up available)

Director of the Center: DVM Zorica Milovanovic, +381 63 / 629-382 (Mobile phone), phone: +381 21 892347

Address: Rumenačka 12, 21410 Futog, Serbia