Communication with the owner

Communication between owner and the RAM GEN Center:

• Program: When the date and number of sheep for insemination are determined, we will forward you a complete program of work and sheep preparation. If there is a change in the number of sheep being prepared for insemination or embryo transfer, if the breeder withdraws from the scheduled some sheep, if the program is canceled, you are obliged to immediately inform the Center.

• Exact number of sponges, doses of PMSG and semen must be pre-ordered on time. You can use the services of the Center in the acquisition/ application of hormones. If the intention is to spend 100 doses for LAI, it is recommended to add 105 sheep to the sponging, which prevents semen loss for the case of sheep loose sponge, or in the case if sheep dies. For any questions or changes to the plan, you need to get in touch with the AI Center. Accurate records must be ensured for recognizing those lambs that are belonging to LAI, in order to issue a certificate of insemination.

All lambs born before 135 days or 160 days after insemination does not belong to the ram used in the insemination procedure already admitted (farm ram).

• Results:

Please inform the Center about the obtained results of the work, whether animals were scanned (ultrasound sonography) or after lambing results recording.